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Symbol DS7708

  • Symbol DS7708
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Symbol DS7708
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Symbol DS7708

Easy to deploy high-performance “can’t miss” on-counter scanning.

When it comes to on-counter scanning, the DS7708 offers a feature set that puts it at the top of its class for performance, ease of deployment and total cost of ownership. No matter what bar codes appear at your POS, the DS7708 can scan them all — 1D, 2D, printed and electronic — as fast as your cashiers can slide items past the scan window. With its compact design, the DS7708 can easily be installed in even the most space constrained checkout lanes. And extraordinary durability minimizes costs and protects uptime, maximizing device lifecycle and your return on investment.

  • Scan virtually any bar code, in any condition, on any medium First-time every time capture of 1D and 2D bar codes displayed on mobile devices or printed on paper labels — even if they are damaged, poorly printed or dirty. PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for next generation scanning performance Resets the bar for 2D imaging by improving decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience, user productivity, throughput and customer wait times. Next generation swipe speeds up to 100 in./2.5 m per second Enables users to capture bar codes as fast as they can pass items in front of the scan window.
  • Largest field of view and omni-directional scanning for can’t-miss “swipe-and-go” scanning simplicity A field of view that is over 50 percent larger than competitive 2D imagers enables easy capture of bar codes, regardless of where they are located on an item. Scanning is truly second nature — no need to orient an item to capture the bar code. Superior durability Multiple features make the DS7708 the most durable device in its class. The recessed scan window prevents marks and scratches that can degrade scanning performance and lifecycle. In addition, the electronics are located in the top area of the DS7708 to prevent damage and protect uptime in the event of a spill. Virtually invisible illumination The LEDs are recessed behind the scan window, where they are barely visible and won’t disturb customers or cashiers. Integrated Checkpoint EAS Scan bar codes and deactivate EAS tags in a single motion, improving cashier productivity and protecting the shopping experience by preventing embarrassment for customers who inadvertently set off an alarm when exiting the store with an active EAS tag.
  • Power through a single USB port No additional power supply is required when connecting via USB, reducing accessory, installation and management costs. Easily add a handheld scanner Do cashiers need a handheld scanner for the flexibility to scan large items in the cart? A standard USB port provides plugin-and-go simplicity for a wide variety of auxiliary scanners. Image capture support expands functionality and increases value The DS7708 offers additional data capture features to further streamline your business processes. For example, workers can take a picture of a check, driver’s license or ID card to meet store requirements or industry regulations in a split second, protecting cashier productivity and throughput in the checkout line. Superior out-of-box experience Smart auto-host detect cables automatically determine which interface is attached, eliminating the need to scan numerous configuration bar codes. Over 90 international keyboards are supported, enabling easy setup, all around the world.

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